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Primus Drive - Mt. Pleasant, SC

I am not against development. I am against bad development. I support sensitive and sustainable development; one compatible to the natural and historic setting, and done with the community’s well-being and longevity in mind. I do not support stripping the land and community of its character without mitigation for Anywhere, USA construction at a rapid pace.

Mt. Pleasant, SC is becoming Anywhere, USA.

As we speak, two pre-WWII structures are being demolished for a hundred-home residential development on the corner of Six Mile Road and Primus Drive (an tree-lined dirt road) in Mt. Pleasant, SC. One of those structures is an early 1900s Freedman’s Cottage, a building typology that once defined the area but is now quickly becoming extinct. Seven houses total and 22 acres will be cleared for the new Pointe at Primus, a John Wieland housing complex. Adjacent to this complex, on the corner of Highway 17 and Six Mile, is the Old Laing High School, also to be demolished for a Home Depot {see Feb. 13th blog post}.

John Wieland CEO Greg Huff said in an interview about the new development that the "vision process involves architecture, marketing, customer experience, neighborhood design, history of the particular area, as well as the architectural appeal.”

Mr. Huff, if history of an area is so important to the process, why are you hastening the destruction of the very fabric that showcases the history of Mt. Pleasant? Instead of completely clearing of the land, why not use the native landscape to create an unique atmosphere, and not a concrete compound? Instead of demolishing the little structures that distinguish Mt. Pleasant from Anywhere USA, why not include them in your plan through mitigation? How can you use the history of a place when you are knowingly deleting it?

Location: Six Mile Road and Primus Drive, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Age: Early to mid 20th century

Status: To be demolished and cleared for Pointe at Primus, a John Wieland residential development

View of soon-to-be obliterated Primus Drive and its surrounding acres; the acres to the left will house a new Home Depot (see Feb. 13 post) and to the right will be the housing development (Google Maps)


{LEFT}: Intact, June 2016 {RIGHT}: Stripped for demolition, February 2017

{ABOVE}: Early twentieth century cottage, to be demolished, Primus Drive

{BELOW}: Mid-century ranch, to be demolished, Six Mile Road

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